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Yvonne Whitebird's Memorial

Submitted By: Juanita Whitebird

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Birth Date:
Jun 01, 1958
Death Date:
Aug 22, 2004
United States

About Yvonne Whitebird

Yvonne was my sister, born 15 months later than me. In her 20's, she was diagnosed with Hodgkins' disease, cancer of the lymph nodes. In her journey through cancer, I never heard her complain once about the struggles this disease brought her. She could be a stubborn soul at times, but always a fighter. I admired her still, miss her intensely.


Mar 06, 2016
I hope you get resurrected so i can kill you myself.
- You Cunt

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Oct 09, 2013
Hello. Iam new to this site, and ur sister was the very first person i saw! what a lovely girl she was/is. Iam truly sorry for your loss. Best wishes to you, lisa.
- JC alwaysaclassact

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