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Daniel Regguinti's Memorial

Submitted By: Angela Michelle Woelfer-Regguinti

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Birth Date:
Jul 19, 1948
Death Date:
May 10, 2003
United States

About Daniel Regguinti

What a wonderful life I had as a only child of my father. He had such an excitement for life and trying new things to make life easier. Some ideas were silly or crazy and then most times they worked and I still use today. He was a free spirit and always took the family on great outings and made sure we took something educational from our journey. (Almost like The Griswolds) He was so funny sometimes he loved telling jokes most I didnt get to hear till I was older and some I never heard because I was a lady. LOL I do miss him and remember his beautiful eyes and smile and see this in a glimpse of his grandchildren in unique occasions. I love You Daddy... Love Your Angela


May 10, 2014
Dear dad,

today is one day of the year that makes my heart heavy. A day that i don't just tell myself to stop thinking about how your not here and celebrate the memory of when i had you to turn to for my deepest troubles and share my success. I am so grateful to have had you and mom together all those years of my life. So i take that gift and can almost hear your advice. I don't know how to fix what is broken right now my marriage looks bleak and your grandchildren may not have a chance to know the beautiful memories you and mom gave me. I wish i knew the love you had for each other, i do know the love you had for me because my children mean the whole world to me. I love you dad and i live for my family. I miss you r. I. P.
- Angela Woelfer-Regguinti

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Jul 19, 2013
Happy birthday daddy. Your grandchildren have twinkle in their eyes that reminds me of you. You would be so proud of them. Payton is 6 now and loves football and is funny like you and alexander is 13 tall and handsome and has your charm. Mom misses you. We all miss you i will keep you in my heart forever. I love you dad. Smile if you remember the good times!
- Angela Woelfer-Regguinti

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