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Nora Popko's Memorial

Submitted By: TamaraAnn Williams

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Birth Date:
Feb 07, 1939
Death Date:
Jul 25, 2010
United States

About Nora Popko

Nora Earley Popko was the daughter of Irish imigrants Frances and Nora (Stapelton) Earley. She was the sister Elizabeth, Mary, and Bill Earley. She was also my mother. Born in Bronxville NY, and married Lew Popko in 1956, and lived in Poughkeepsie, before moving to Millbrook, Where they raised myself and two siblings. She became a registered nurse and EMT later in life, and remained at both jobs until she retired. Mom passed away on July 25 2010. We had not spoken or seen each other for several years before her death, and to this day, I do not know why she passed away. I can only hope that she knew although we didn't speak, that I loved her with all my heart,and our estrangment will leave a hole in my heart till the day I die. She was a beautiful loving women, who I will miss each and every day. I love you mom!

Nora Popko's Legacy

Mom leaves a lasting legacy of memories of the good times we shared, and 5 beautiful great-granchildren to date. Cody Matthew Williams March 13,2002. Died at birth. His brother Austin Matthew Williams, His sister Alexis Rose Williams, His cousins Maisie Jane Williams, and Trystan Matthew Williams.


Apr 07, 2017
Glad i found this site about nora. Worked with her a good many years at the hosp and she was a good woman. Dave.
- David Chase

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