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Danie Bishop's Memorial

Submitted By: Theresa Dyanick

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Birth Date:
Apr 05, 1964
Death Date:
Apr 14, 2010
United States

About Danie Bishop

He walked by Faith and not by sight. Rest in peace Dr. Danie Bishop

Danie Bishop's Legacy

Dr. Danie Bishop was true to his calling, to do no harm and to cause no pain. He was a man of humility, of faith, of compassion and of humor. This memorial is not yet completed, but please feel free to share your stories as they will help to build it


May 08, 2010
Hey danie,
i know you came for devon as one of "the shadow people" when the gathering began because she slipped so peacefully from our world into your world. I hope you are showing her around, like where to get her id, where the banquet is held & that the prayer services begin at 7am! your mom and dad are so heartbroken cuz it was just 3 weeks & 1 day ago that you died, now your sister joined you in heaven on may 6. But they are at peace because they know you were there for her, just like a big brother would! i saw your bride tonight, she lost some weight & is still very sad, but she did giggle tonight! she misses you so much, if she could have traded places with you she would have in a heart beat just so it wouldn't hurt as much. But she knows your safe at home with jerry & all the others who have passed on from the grateful dead (can ya get jerry's autograph for her? that would just so rock!) well sweet pea, i gotta go, tomorrow is your sister's viewing & the funeral will be on mon. I'll try to be careful that i don't step on your grave, don't need you haunting my ass for thumping on your grave! p. S. Any bear out there? love ya! teri.
- Ron ronson

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Apr 20, 2010
Dear danie,
yesterday was your funeral & it was so beautiful! even the dean of your school in the cayman islands came & spoke at your service! and you almost got me kicked out of the funeral home! the pastor was speaking about a beautiful scripture with references about the dead rising & then you whispered in my ear "then the concert begins!" dude i laughed so hard i had to cover my face & stifle my giggling so others wouldn't think i lost my freakin mind! ya bastard!!! anywho, it was beautiful and you have such a nice resting place, with the mountains in front, next to the church, i saw deer poop so you'll never really be alone, you'll always have company! but on a sad note, it was hard for your mom, dad & sister to say goodby, but your young bride is beside herself with grief. You were (and still are) her soulmate, her broken heart shattered into a million pieces, never to be made whole again until she steps over the threshold of this world into your world. Then & only then will you both journey down "so many roads to ease your souls".
- Theresa Dyanick

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Apr 16, 2010
Dear danie, i had the privilage of working with you for 2 months, but i will carry those memories for a lifetime. I am so glad i met your family, but especially you, oh king of suture! your humor at the office was no doubt the highlight of my day as you invented a new language & words, such as sutification meaning to partake in the act of suturing, and the medification, yeah you were out there but in a fun way. Meeting you was like meeting someone in a dream, one who is a lot of fun to be around and you wish you never wake up from that dream because you will never see that person again. Sadly, on april 14, 2010 i woke up from that dream and now i will never see my friend again. I will miss you danie, truly i will. Love, teri.
- Theresa Dyanick

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