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Kevin Ferris's Memorial

Submitted By: Norman Ferris

Candles Lit: 508 add a candle

Birth Date:
Oct 31, 1968
Death Date:
Jan 31, 1999
Prince George

About Kevin Ferris

Graduated UVIC 1993 BA (Hon)
Worked Four Seasons Hotel 1994-1997
Loved and Requested by Hotel Cliental often.
Traveled Europe 1997-1998
"Born with that urge to roam"
Love to explore, travel and make life an adventure.
Kids loved him. People loved his keen sense of humor.

Kevin Ferris's Legacy

to follow


Oct 28, 2009
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thanks from

- helen nhiany

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Sep 24, 2009
A great guy!
- Ron ronson

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Sep 23, 2009
Gone too soon!

its only over for now. Its not over forever!

peace brother.
- Norman Ferris

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