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Baby Chastain's Memorial

Submitted By: andrea chastain

Candles Lit: 502 add a candle

Birth Date:
Jul 09, 2009
Death Date:
Jul 30, 2009
Du Quoin
United States

About Baby Chastain

On July 9th 2009 Our baby was created.. we found out about him/her on July 26th 2009.. For four days we were expecting our baby. We picked beautiful names.. Gregory for a boy and Allyssa for a lil girl. Told all our friends and family . We were imagining the day we would hold our baby and feed him/her.. hear him/her cry ,smell the clean baby smell, Play games and hide n seek. the long sleepless nights.. the joys and pains of parenthood..and to hold our child... hold our baby... but On July 30th 2009 the unimaginable had happened.. We lost our baby.. . I never thought I would live to lose a child and I wish I never did. I miss my child dearly.. thinking about him/her all the time. Hoping she/he is safe and ok and doesnt blame me like I do..

Baby Chastain was the Brother/sister to Rebecca age 19, Michael age 16 and Brian age 6.. Baby Chastains parents are Andrea Chastain nee Rodie age 38 and Christopher Chastain age 32 .

Baby Chastain was and still is wanted and loved by us all and is missed deeply everyday.. Our hearts ache.. There was a there is a memory of the what ifs and questions of why.. No one knows our grief Each persons grief is different.. Losing a child is the worst thing in the world.. Whether is be a misscariage, still birth or later down the road regardless there was a child

Mommy and Daddy ,Becca,Benny and Brian love you. Sleep well my precious baby... My arms are waiting for the day I will finally get to hold you..


Oct 28, 2009
my name is helen, i saw your profile today and became interested in you, i will also like to know you more, and if you can send an email to my email address, i will give you my pictures here is my email address, (helennhiany003@yahoo. Com) i believe we can move from here! awaiting for your mail to my email address above helen. (remember the distance or age or collour does not matter but love matters alot in life)
please don't forget to email me here on (helennhiany003@yahoo. Com)

thanks from

- helen nhiany

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Jul 08, 2010
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- autodia autodia
Sep 24, 2009
Im sorry for your loss it im still trying to figure out how to live life without my son in it too. Itsbeen a year for me. Please know i feel your pain and im praying for you robin bell(justin golden)mom.
- robin bell

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Sep 02, 2009
Keep strong, i've been through this as well.
- Ron ronson

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Sep 02, 2009
I miss you with evry passing moment lil one, i keep wanting this to be a dream but i know it aint. Life would have been so much sweeter had you stayed.
- andrea chastain

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