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Edward Ebeling's Memorial

Submitted By: Ronda Ebeling

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Birth Date:
Jul 15, 1962
Death Date:
May 17, 2009
Joshua Tree
United States

About Edward Ebeling

Eddie or Better As He Was Known Was Uncle Eddie and i am his niece Ronda he was more of a father to me than my real father could ever be he was a loving guy he had his opinions that couldnt be changed but he was a fun person to be around. T

here were times we cried becuase we laughed so hard. He was born were he died Joshua tree CA and he became a drugie until he was 30 then once he straightend up and through a hell of a time straightening his life out he joined the U.S. army.

He served as infrantry for four years visiting germany for most of his service time,He fought the gulf war, Then later on around his 40's he became a part of my life until the day he died.

He encouraged me no matter how dumb my plans were and when my attempts fell through he was there to catch me. He was a friend to my mother, one who she never really had forgotten..yes he was on our nerves sometimes but truthfully we do miss him.

Around the age of 43 he had become a big part of my life and in that year he found out he was fighting a losing battle of cancer he fought with it for several years to come. He endured many surgeries and chemo therapy.

When i recieved mental help for suicde attempts no matter how sick he was, he came and visited me every day and even made a joke by smuggling a piece of string under his hat that wasnt even an inch long and gave it to me saying okay tie this to the window and climb down iat 11pm i'll pull the van up..

I laughed so hard now at that memory..he made the stupidest things in life hilarious even though i was to grown to playing childrens game on the PS2 we laughed so hard we cried at the sight of controlling a jumping rat that would fart when he jumped.

He took me places i never thought i could see. I had and do have, an obsession with the line of funeral directing and have read and studied many books and even took a job shadowing there. Now to think of what is to happen to him it saddens me but im glad to say that he died were he felt the most comfortable.

Though i am sad to see him go i know that deep down he is with his mom and father and his lost friends..So May 17th 2009, he past away in my home on his bed at the age of 46 for those few short years that he became my father,best friend,and uncle he managed to bring laughter,love and encouragment into mine and my families lives..

The cancer may have taken his life but not his memory! Uncle Eddie Robert Ebeling 7-15-62 through 5-17-09 as his and my favorite qoute "Let Thy Poor Soul Be At Peace At Last As We Lay Thine Body To Rest We Toast Thye Beloved Memory Of Our Fallen Love" So we remeber him as he was and for what he did for us..not as he left this world

Edward Ebeling's Legacy

The Legacy That He Left behind is one filled with love that in a few short years managed to enlighten our lives and bring hope into our eyes..we had our moments of anger yet all was surpassed by the coming of love..realizing now that apoligies dont truly fix everything until you seem them faded from this world..He tot me alot in 6 years of knowing him he watched me grow up and he always made me laugh in his mind he will be young forever this was a man that did not know the word can't many times he would pick me up from a stupid decison i had made but he definetly embraced the saying "leave this world a little better than when you found it" he inspired me to right poetry as i do he encouraged me on anything i did everytime i got an A in algebra he took me out to eat (even if mom didnt aprove) he was all around my best friend..father and uncle


Oct 28, 2009
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Jun 10, 2009
Thank you for sharing your story with everyone. Even though he went through hard times, battled addiction etc, he still touched the hearts of many. That says a lot about a person, and he was a good one by all accounts.
- Ron ronson

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