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Robin Enos-Wilkinson's Memorial

Submitted By: fancy casto

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Birth Date:
Jan 01, 1962
Death Date:
Jan 16, 2009
San Bernardino
United States

About Robin Enos-Wilkinson

I didnt know Robin very well but the little time that i got with her i can tell you that she was one of the most beautiful people you could ever have the opportunity to know.. she was light spirited layed back and had a wonderful personality..she loved to laugh and live..she loved her hats and bandannas especially when they went with a cute outfit...and most of all you could always see the shine in her eyes when she talked about the ones she loved.i had the pleasure of meeting her two daughters and her husband,and i can see why she loved them so much they are all the same.all about the family!!!!

Robin Enos-Wilkinson's Legacy

Robin was a loving mother of four kids two boys Trevor and Mathew and two girls Richelle and Angela and a loving wife to her husband Earl.they were her life,love,reality...she was born in Joliet illinoise.and on 1-16-09 she defied all odds and lived longer than any medical person thought....


Jan 19, 2009
Sorry for your loss.
- Ron ronson

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Jan 18, 2009
Your a stong couragous family and im always praying for you all.
- fancy casto

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Jan 18, 2009
We all miss you today as much as we did the 16th of january at 4:27 am.
- fancy casto

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