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Blake Strahle's Memorial

Submitted By: Randee Strahle

Candles Lit: 522 add a candle

Birth Date:
Aug 14, 1998
Death Date:
Aug 14, 1998
United States

About Blake Strahle

Our beautiful Blake only lived about 1/2 hour after his birth. My babies were born 14 weeks premature, weighing 1 pound and 9 ounces each. He is survied by parents Randee and Steve, twin sister Sydney and brother Jared who was born in 2000. Blake is greatly missed and we will forever be missing a piece of our family. Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven. Its been 10 years and I still think of you every day.


Jan 05, 2009
I am sorry for you loss and have experienced similar circumstances.
- Ron ronson

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