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Cody Williams's Memorial

Submitted By: TamaraAnn Williams

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Birth Date:
Mar 13, 2002
Death Date:
Mar 13, 2002
United States

About Cody Williams

Cody Matthew was the infant Son of Mark Andrew Williams, and Kimberly Ann Graham. He was the Grandson of Richard and Susan {Who predeceased him}, and Cindy Graham. He was also the Grandson of Tamara Ann and Floyd Williams. His brother, Austin Matthew Williams was born May 2, 2003. His cousins, Maise Jane Williams, Alexis Rose Williams, and Brody Matthew Williams were born after his death. Cody, you were my very first Grandson, and I was heartbroken when you died. Your loss was probably the most difficult I ever suffered. What a beautiful little boy you were! I think of you each and every day, and can imagine what you would look like now at age 15!!! Your brother is a wonderful loving young man, and I am sure you are as proud of him as we all are. You will be forever be in my heart!!! Grandma loves you!!


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